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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions#

How to apply for a student license?#

Just send us an e-mail from your university account to

Does Blink Shell work on all Apple devices?#

We support iPhone and iPad, and the newest Mac's with M1 chip.

Does Blink have a TestFlight version?#

Yes, it has! We call it Community Edition, and you can sign up here:

How to file a bug report?#

Fill an issue on our GitHub

Known Issues#

Cmd key stuck while switching between apps with Cmd Tab#

After switching apps with the Cmd-Tab shortcut, when you return to the same app, the Cmd key is still pressed and the shortcuts help window shown. You can then press w, t, etc without having the Cmd key pressed.

This is a known issue within iOS 13, and to get Apple to solve it we need your help. Please create a bug report within Feedback Assistant. We suggest that you use a similar title to ours: "Cmd key stuck while switching between apps with Cmd-Tab".

Here are two recordings that show the issue: Cmd-tab in & Cmd-tab in Safari.

Spacebar suddenly didn’t work?#

Go to iOS Settings -> Accessibility -> Full Keyboard Access -> Commands -> Activate and change Space to shift + space or other shortcut.

That way you will have full keyboard access and spacebar working in Blink

Can't find mosh?#

mosh-server: command not found
Did not find remote IP address

This issue appears mostly when Blink cannot find mosh-server on the device, meaning that the location is not one of the defaults in the path. To fix that do which mosh-server to get its current location. Then configure that location in Blink: Settings > Hosts > Mosh > Command.

You can also test it from the command line by providing it to the mosh --server=<path> <host> command.