Build Up

Starting your Next.js project

The pre-installed Hacker Tools in Build come with a Node runtime, so it is a great option to get started:

blink> build mosh 

Now let’s create an example Next.js project:

root ➜ ~ $ yarn create-next-app@latest

Go to your project's folder, by default my-app, and run a development server:

root ➜ ~ $ cd my-app
root ➜ ~ $ yarn dev

Opening Ports

Blink Build can transparently expose the ports on the remote container inside your local device. In this case, we want to access the node server running on port 3000, in our localhost on port 3001:

blink> build ports add htools 3000 3001

Visit http://localhost:3001 and view your project alive!

👍 Blink Build exposes ports securely over a Wireguard interface. To open the ports on your machine to the Internet, check out


To learn more about using Next.js in Blink Build, participate in our discussion.